Why does this matter?

The core to the DEN approach of developing entrepreneurial skills is to learn by doing – and from all the mistakes and achievements that happen along the way.

This emphasis on experiential learning is at the soul of the Dartmouth Experience – both a shared tradition and one that we each forge for ourselves.  Gaining the confidence to do the latter not only develops one’s character, but it enriches the greater community.

According to his students, alumni, and colleagues, Gregg’s emphasis on experiential learning has distinguished the Tuck School of Business from many other top-tier business schools and serves as the national model for how to do it right.

And with 129 for-credit students, 109 in-person auditors, and 749 online auditors engaging in the DEN approach in 2014, it would appear the DEN method resonates with Dartmouth.

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Email the following Dartmouth Administrators

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Philip Hanlon, President:

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Being entrepreneurial involves learning, especially being willing to make mistakes and learn from them. It's a way of relating to others, bringing people alongside or inside, building a team, driving a vision.

Most important, being entrepreneurial means knowing that entrepreneurship and even being successful are not the goals of the endeavor.

Rather, the goal is to get something done - to do something that is significant to you and to others, something that creates social value in some way and perhaps makes the world a better place than it was before.
Prof. Gregg Fairbrothers
- from Idea to Success


Call the following Dartmouth Administrators

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Philip Hanlon, President:
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Paul Danos, Dean of Tuck:
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Matthew Slaughter, Tuck Dean of Faculty:
(603) 646-2939

Carolyn Dever, Provost:
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Stephen Mendel, Chairman of the Board of Trustees:
(603) 646-2221


“The course catalog at the Tuck School of Business currently says I teach four courses in entrepreneurship each year, plust one at the Medical School. I don’t think I ever teach anything.

Instead, I do the best I can to help people learn.

For every person, learning anything is a unique and special journey, one in which I, as an advisor, may come alongside for a while to support, to question, sometimes to badger, but always to encourage.”

Prof. Gregg Fairbrothers

– from Idea to Success